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Bhavul Gauri

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I develop softwares for solving problems. I dream to build something huge, that someday can better everyone's lives. Tech fascinates me.
I love getting to know new poeple. There's always something great to learn from each person.
My family and friends are my happiness.

Major chunk of Everyday Life

S/W Development

For my food, shelter and clothing purposes. Currently involved with Java majorly. 2 years of experience.

Automation Ideas

Every time I find myself doing something repetitive, I write a script for it. I'm not made for manual labour, sorry.

Sticky Notes

I'm never just doing one thing at a time. Sticky notes help me manage. It is also a good idea for my birthday gift.


I love to write. I'm an author of two blogs and would have been of 10 if I could live with just that. I'm still a beginner though.

Tech & Wrestling

Subscribed to over 50 tech channels on youtube. It is necessary as food for me. Also, Wrestling is scripted, not fake.

Singing | Dancing

Just hit the right track at the right time. This phenomenon only occurs when I can not see any people around me.

Weekend Trips

Friday nights are not for pubs, they're for journeys. Saturday and Sundays are new places, new adventures, new learnings.


I cook North Indian dishes regularly. Not available for hiring for catering needs. Befriend to satisfy your tastebuds.

My Blogs

personal blog

Drops of Knowledge

My Tech Blog. A place where I share my learnings and give back to the world.

personal blog

Thought Surges

For my random musings, my short stories, my philosophical journeys, my thought surges

I am and will always be a learner



June 2016 - Current

Software Developer

Endurance International Group

Working on the finance & billing module of a business automation platform called Orderbox. Think of a scalable software system where you can sell any sort of web presence products - domains, hosting, vpn, ssl, cloud, etc. Orderbox is one such platform, which is currently used by most brands under Endurance umbrella including bigrock, webhosting.info, resellerclub, hostgator, etc. Such a system would need tax rules, proper financial flow, should handle all currencies, and provide many payment gateways, right? I write code for all that.

Using : Java, PostgreSQL, Ruby on Rails

Jan 2016 - May 2016

Intern (Software dev)

Endurance International Group

Did some minor projects which basically involved integration of payment gateways into a business automation platform called Orderbox. Did a major upgrade of Java 7 to Java 8 on whole orderbox architecture.

Used : Java, PostgreSQL

Jan 2014 - Apr 2015

Open source contributor


Built an API for injectable applications to interact with main content script. Also redesigned their history application for better user experience.

Used : Javascript (core), HTML, CSS



B.E.(Hons.) Computer Science

BITS Pilani University

Equivalent of B.Tech or B.S. in Computer Science. Performed pretty well in all. Loved Artificial Intelligence, Operating Systems, Compilers, Data Mining. Completed this with M.Sc. Mathematics under Dual Degree program offered by BITS Pilani K K Birla Goa Campus.


M.Sc.(Hons.) Mathematics

BITS Pilani University

Algebra, cryptography, topologies, nth level differential equations, integral curves, real analysis. Did all that and more. Not great at most of abstract maths. Good with Algebra. Love Probability, Statistics. Completed this with B.E. Computer Science under Dual Degree program offered by BITS Pilani K K Birla Goa Campus.


Jun 2015

CBTS SVM for Multi-classification

Conference Proceedings, International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communications and Informatics (ICACCI-2015), Page 258-262

Proposed a new algorithm, Centroid Based Binary Tree Structured SVM (CBTS-SVM), wherein we built a binary tree of SVM models based on the similarity of the class labels by finding their distance from the corresponding centroids at the root level

Jun 2015

Distributed Multi-class SVM for Large Data Sets

Proceedings, International Symposium on Women in Computing and Informatics (WCI-2015), Page 54-58

Proposed a new algorithm which builds a global SVM by merging the local SVMs using a distributed approach (DSVM). Experimental Analysis revealed better accuracy compared to Ensemble and Centralized methods (One Against One, One Against All).

coding skills


Python v2.7

SQL DBs (MySQL, PostgreSQL)

Ruby on Rails





Web design skills





Design Skills



my works


Cluster labeling using wikipedia



Master BITSIAN Data Store

Framework that merges BITSian data from different social networks


Quark 2014 Website

Website for Technical Fest of the campus


Naive Bayes Hadoop

The power of parallelization seeping through Naive Bayes


Second Chance

A short film



Makes life easier for competitive programmer


Poster Gallery

Some of the posters I made during college using Photoshop


MIUI forum searcher

A search script for miui forums since they provide no such functionality


Quiz Wizard

A simple MCQ quizzer with countdown timer and notifications that I made to get used to PHP, MySQL.


Sizzling Sands 2013

Designed a special magazine for all BITS University aspirants using InDesign


Spree 2013

Designed and wrote from scratch sports fest website for the campus.


Website for Lemmma Analytics

Designed and coded a one-page metro design website for Lemma Analytics. This was freelance work.


Cyberoam Candy

Automating cyberoam login for the college internet security system with multiple accounts to escape 'Data Exceeded' problems.


Sizzling Sands 2012

Designed a special summer issue of Bits Herald Magazine for BITS Aspirants.


Testimonial Downloader

Script to download all testimonials from Bits-Melange in a readable format.


Tshirt Designs

Designed various Tees while in college for departments and events

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